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Misery likes company\”Tiudit”- 20 min Video

The film touches deeply on classes and existential social

issues alongside a layered view of its medium and format.

The film presents encounters with characters taken from

Tal's immediate environment:

a young and tormented artist in a depressive attack, a

friend debating whether to stay or leave a relationship

maintained for 10 years in the shadow of BDSM

The environment becomes the studio and from their the

work materials are taken and processed, Depression,

animals, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, anxiety, excitement.

The Characters are the materials, through which a picture

of reality’s margins are formed. The present is young,

scratchy and conflicted, apocalyptic and in contrast

(capitalism, maturity, bourgeoisie, good order). Grasping a

periodic moment and the existential riddles that

characterize it revolve around truth, cognition, awareness,

subjectivism and narcissism.

Part of the film is documentary and part is staged. The

staged scenes are re-enactments of original filmed

materials delivered by actresses. The blurring of

distinctions between documentary and staged scenes

creates disposition in viewing and parallels the ground

dropping below the viewer to that which appears on the


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