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Tal Levy, filmaker&painter

Statement : 

I have dealing with fail , the way to success, hope and disappointed, in painting I tear often “not right”, “not successful” part from the paper or the canvas and put instead different part that I see belong to the whole thing, Trying to create in the painting a completion, a renewal, a connection between two parts. And so also in most cases in my process a collage or doubling of meaning is created between the subject and the object, between me and the photographed figure, also I have been dealing with the issue of mental health,society,psychology,memories and souvenirs and ethnography y.  i am touching in the view of point of the individual about himself and in front other individual, and with the matter of social morality and gaps between the object and the subject between the individual and society


My artistic activity has always aligned with my social activity or with a character that dreams similarly to me and we are committed to understand each other.  In my work i “swim in broken areas'' I create bright and dark images, places of energy and places of emptiness, I strive for closeness to others, to marginal people - that's where I insert my camera, I want to be in precious places, where staged cinema cannot imitate, recognize or speak. That's why I have been working all my life in social work, training, and teaching in hostels and rehabilitative workplaces and also doing my MFA in Documentary cinema after I graduated in Fine art 

 I want to reveal sincerity to emotion, laughter, and feeling of the truth within the medium. This is what drives me. I do it when the medium is self-aware (ars poetica) and reflexive

I heard someone say once:.״Art is an experience not an object" and I feel it too.

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